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Panerai Replica Marina Militare first change is that the case, the Luminor 1950 prototype, this review Luminor watches designed in the 1940s to the 1950s, a series of. The King case 47 mm diameter steel lines was modified to show a balanced texture case on both sides is becoming more and more slim, polished mirror bezel watch in stark contrast to other frosted part.

Luminor Marina Militare crown for the bridge position is very prominent, located in the left side of the watch. The protection of the crown for the bridge to become a significant Luminor series elements, engraved with the words "REG.TM", on behalf of the registered patent number for this device. Panerai watch even if placed to the underwater depths still be able to patent protecting the crown are protected, the safest protection.

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Marina Militare 44MM


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4 Item(s)

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