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Patek Philippe Sky Moon built-sky panorama, the most dazzling sky of the northern hemisphere, a unique triple glazing rotate at different speeds, and precise the firmament panorama shows the operation of the stars and the moon in the night sky. Pictet Fei Lai Sky Moon's built-sky panorama, the northern hemisphere's most dazzling of Star, a unique three-layer glass at different speeds rotation, produce photo breathtaking depth of field and the moon's trajectory, precise display the stars and the moon in the night sky in the operation of The firmament panorama. Within an elliptical lanes can box, as the range of the Geneva visible sky, shown Patek Philippe complicated tabulation process, for fine Italian new reward.

Patek Philippe Replica Sky Moon consists of 301 separate parts, each gear to do additional processing is still done manually polished to meet the Patek Philippe insistence internal process. Table side is decorated with Kale Zhuo Hua doji pattern, with a transparent case back, to show the complex movement and unique carving.

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13 Item(s)


13 Item(s)

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